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        Your present location:Fog Machine Series > M-1500 Fog Machine
        Your present location:Fog Machine Series > M-1500 Fog Machine
        • Name: M-1500 Fog Machine
        • Number: M-1500

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            This machine can adjust the spraying angle and the spraying speed is faster than CO Machine. It can 2 spray out anytime. Furthermore, it has the most advanced electron thermoswiftch system. This Heater can reset rapidly and spray at any time.

        Heat up Time: 10minutes
        Circuitry Control
        Remote Control
        DMX512 Electronic thermoswitch
        Tank Capacity: 2L
        Approx. Fog Projection: 12meters
        Output: 20000cu.ft/min
        The angle of smoking: 180°
        Voltage: AC110V、220~250V 50/60Hz
        Heater: 1500W
        Weight: 11.5kg
        Size: 52×26.5×15.5cm

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