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        Your present location:Low Fog Machine SeriesCo2 Low Fog Machine > DFC-3000 CO2 Low Fog Machine
        Your present location:Low Fog Machine SeriesCo2 Low Fog Machine > DFC-3000 CO2 Low Fog Machine
        • Name: DFC-3000 CO2 Low Fog Machine
        • Number: DFC-3000

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        5000w low range hood is a completely replace the traditional dry ice machine machine. Changed the history of similar machine only suitable for use in small places. Dry ice machine used by the high cost of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide (co2), difficult to purchase, storage, moisture and toxicity of these shortcomings is especially obvious. Low machine using a dedicated "smoke oil is very environmental and convenient to use, as long as the machine using the smoke oil, can be spewed smoke billowing white and dry. Close to 0 °C ultra-low temperature circulation cooling system, the smoke will never rise (always remain under 40 cm from the ground level). Really suitable for large-scale theatrical performances, theatre, art troupe. 5000 w low end for the cigarette machine of dry ice age!


        Product parameters

        Model No.: DFC-3000

        Power: 3000W

        Heat up time: 15minutes

        Output: 200 square meter per minute

        Weight: 38kg

        Size: 85x50x66cm

        Controller: LCD controller & DMX512

        Consume: LOW FOG LIQUID & CO2 gas



        Large amount of smoke, continuously sustained smoke for several minutes.

        Smoke can cover about 200 square meters

        Only consume low fog liquid and CO2 gas together

        Using low smoke liquid is very environmental and economical, also keeps ground dry and clean.

        The height of smoke keep 50cm or less

        With one round pipe for smoke outlet.

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