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        • Name: DF-1200 Terra Fog Machine
        • Number: DF-1200

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        DF-1200 machine can spurt out much of fog, and the temperature of fog is very low, can't rise easily, 15kg ice can keep 12 hours in the icebox. This machine work by fog liquid and ice, So it hasn't the componet of dry ice. That no harm to human. It just used in door.

        Heat up time: 10 Mines
        Digital circuitry controller
        Greatest output continues long as 1 minute
        Output: 20000CFM/min
        Tank capacity: 5.5L
        Flake output: 80m2
        Voltage: AC110V, AC120V, 220V-250V 5 0/60Hz
        Heater: 1200W
        Weight: 25kg
        Size: 76×41×38cm

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