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        Your present location:CO2 Machine SeriesCo2 Gun > GC-100 CO2 Gun
        Your present location:CO2 Machine SeriesCo2 Gun > GC-100 CO2 Gun
        • Name: GC-100 CO2 Gun
        • Number: GC-100

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        DJ wear the gas tank on back and hold the gun in hand, jet a large number of white mist to crowd. It can create a great carnival atmosphere. The gun barrel adopt ally design. When the gun jet the CO2 gas,it do not frost.It is more secure to use.All hose connectors have safety device,so do not happen the phenomenon of out of control. No power ,more rest assured to use it ,.Match with gas tank and cloth together, so that users can move a large range with the carnival audience face to face.It can apply to Disco ball、Crazy parties and concerts.

        Manual control
        No electricity
        Weight: 13kg
        Bottle Size: 74×43×43 cm
        Gun Size: 60×17×6.5cm

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